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SunsetSovereign Cosplays now has a Facebook page!! :w00t:

Head on over and like the page for updates on upcoming cosplays, progress on what I'm working on, and con's I'll be attending.

Thank you for all your favorites and kind words!…

Everything in the store is 25% off!! Plus, if you book a custom order during this time, I will take $10 off the original price!!

Looking for something that isn't in the shop, but like what you see? Message me for a custom order! I'll work with you to bring your vision to life.
*Single paintings, in multiple sizes
*Mixed medium canvases
*4 Canvas set

Head on over and check it out!…
Sunset Sovereign Studios is now open! Check it out! I have Pokemon stuff right now. I plan to expand if there is interest, but currently, there are only a few items. If you are interested in a custom box order, message me either on Etsy or deviantART. I have many Pokemon card singles from Black & White to X&Y Breakthrough sets.…
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Hello everyone! I know it has been forever since I really did anything on here. I hope to have that fixed once the holiday season is over. I always take too much on trying to make presents for friends and family.

Well, the reason I called you all here today is that I need people to answer some questions. I am putting together a Christmas themed Family Feud and need surveyors...surveyees? I need some questions answered!

Below are a list of the questions I have. If you could be so kind to answer them in a note to me, I would greatly appreciate it. Copy/paste then answer might be easy so you don't have to flip between tabs. You don't have to worry about "correct" answers. I just need whatever comes to mind, as if I walked up to you and said "Name a holiday food!" I would like to have some completed surveys by the 16th. Any questions, just comment or note me in regards to this journal. So, here we go!

1. Name a popular Christmas carol.
2. Name something associated with the birth of Christ.
3. Name a Holiday food or drink.
4. Name an item likely to be found in a stocking.
5. Name one of Santa's reindeer.
6. Name a popular Christmas movie.
7. Name a Christmas plant.
8. Name a word or phrase that begins with the word "snow."
9. A role someone might play in a Christmas pageant.
10. The number of days you might leave your tree up after Christmas.
11. Name a decoration other than a tree.
12. Something associated with Santa Clause.
13. What is a popular New Year's resolution?
14. The most annoying Christmas song is?
15. Name something you might need to build a snowman.
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I have been going through old files and found a ton of stuff I haven't uploaded. I will be uploading them over the next couple of days, so you can look forward to that! =)

Also, current status of requests is closed. I really wish I had more time in my life to work on them again. I did so enjoy making others happy with my artwork. If I do even find time again, I will open back up.
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Title pretty much speaks for itself. Requests and commissions are closed. No exceptions. I have some painting commissions in the real world I need to finish and some cosplay things I need to get started. At this time I have no specific date as to when they will be open again.
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Tons of people keep asking if my requests are open. Sadly, they are not. I have no idea when I will be able to open them back up, but when I do, I will post another journal announcement. I will also include in this post request information since I will be linking this in my signature for easy reference.

So, when requests are open again, I will have 3-5 slots open depending on how big some requests are or how behind I get. I won't charge for them but point donations are more than appreciated if you are pleased with your picture. You're more than welcome to ask for a commission. Info on that can be found here [ ] This also gives examples of each thing I do. Commissions take priority over requests, so if I get a commission, progress on some requests may slow down or be moved down the list. If you have any questions feel free to message me here on DA.

Star! The DOs Star!         
Bullet; Purple Cute couple
Bullet; Purple OC
Bullet; Purple OC with characters
Bullet; Purple Photo rendering
Bullet; Purple Fan art
Bullet; Purple Pinup/Sexy
Bullet; Purple Transformations
Bullet; Purple Some anthro (as my skills allow)

Star! The DONTs Star!
Bullet; Red Yaoi/Yuri
Bullet; Red Scary/Gore
Bullet; Red Wedgies
Bullet; Red Spiders
Bullet; Red Inflation
Bullet; Red Vore
Bullet; Red Foot stuff
Bullet; Red Lude renderings of My Little Pony characters. I won't sully the image and name of one of my most beloved childhood memories.
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:snowflake: :holly: :snowflake: :holly: :snowflake: :holly: :snowflake: :holly: :snowflake: :holly: :snowflake: :holly: :snowflake: :holly: :snowflake: :holly: :snowflake: :holly: :snowflake:
With the whirlwind that is Christmas and New years fast approaching, I am placing a momentary stoppage of requests and commissions. All out standing requests have been completed and posted. I wish you all a very merry Christmas filled with love and blessings and a safe and joyous New Year celebration! I'll see you all next year. :iconhnyplz:

(Maybe sooner. Hopefully I'll post some of my own works?)

:snowflake: :holly: :snowflake: :holly: :snowflake: :holly: :snowflake: :holly: :snowflake: :holly: :snowflake: :holly: :snowflake: :holly: :snowflake: :holly: :snowflake: :holly: :snowflake:
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Woo's been two months since I've really done anything on here! Things are finally starting to settle down for me now that I'm a married lass. No more freaking out that I won't get my dress done in time. And my house is finally to the point where I can sit back and say "Eh...I'll organize that shelf another time." The only major thing I have going on is beating Pokemon X...and wonder trading...ooohhh the wonder trading.

So now that things are basically back to normal I have decided to start taking requests again. I'll keep 3-5 slots open (depending on how big some requests get or how behind I get.) I wont charge, but point donations are more than appreciated if you are happy with your pic. (I'm saving up for some prints I've had my eye on in the shop. And possibly a premium membership.) You're more than welcome to ask for a commission. Info on that can be found here [ ] This also gives examples of each thing I do.

I've updated my policy of do's and dont's which you can read below. If you have any questions feel free to message me here on DA. Thanks for reading and thanks for considering me for a request.

:star: The DOs :star:
:bulletpurple: Cute couple
:bulletpurple: OC
:bulletpurple: OC with characters
:bulletpurple: Photo rendering
:bulletpurple: Fan art
:bulletpurple: Pinup/Sexy
:bulletpurple: Transformations
:bulletpurple: Some anthro (as my skills allow)

:star: The DONTs :star:
:bulletred: Yaoi/Yuri
:bulletred: Scary/Gore
:bulletred: Wedgies
:bulletred: Spiders
:bulletred: Inflation
:bulletred: Vore
:bulletred: Foot stuff

Current Requests: (full)
1. :iconxfangheartx:
2. :iconsubzerogrowl:
3. :iconjeffystuckman:
4. :iconmylesterlucky7:
I've been experiencing an influx of requests lately and unfortunately, I've had to turn the majority of them down. As of now, I am putting a hold on all requests (sans the ones I'm finishing.) I've got a lot of things going on outside of the internet in my life and because of that I sadly don't have the time to dedicate that requests deserve. There will be a hold probably for the next month or so, but I will definitely make a post when they open again.
Does anyone know of any one that does custom goggle commissions? I'm looking to commission a specific design more along the lines of cyber/raver goggles, not steampunk.
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Man it's been a long time since I posted a journal!

So I suddenly have become very bogged down with things to do and projects and sadly, I will have to stop requests and commissions for a bit. I wish I could say how long it would be until I open up again but I have no idea how long all this stuff is going to take =/

All I can say is keep checking back for journal posts if you're interested in a request/commission.
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Happy new year everyone! I hope this year brings you lots of inspiration and creativity in all forms!
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Yep, that's right! I'm finally able to start commissions. All of the big stressful things that have been preventing me from opening up have subsided and I'm ready to do some work! So without any further delay, here's my spiel:

1. Artist Disclaimer:
:bulletpurple: All commissions are digital

:bulletpurple: I retain the rights to all of my artwork without exception. You are not allowed to sell, copy or redistribute the artwork in any form without my prior permission. ALL artwork is signed by me and that must always remain with each piece.

:bulletpurple: If you use my art for any groups/blogs/websites/ forum posts and the like, I am to be credited and notified. You can do this by simply posting a comment for the piece with a link to where it was shared. (I like to know what my art is up to.)

:bulletpurple: I would appreciate it if commission requests could come in the form of a DeviantART note so they're all in one place. (instead of me having to look all over the place.)

:bulletpurple: 3 slots will be open at a time. If Im full and you're interested, you'll have to check my journals for an opening. No more waiting list since that got a bit out of hand for me last time. I'll give myself a month's time to complete the 3 commissions just to be safe, but I'll usually get them done before that and I'll open up for more.

:bulletpurple:  If you ask for a commission and I am full, you'll just have to check my journals for an opening. First come, first serve.

2. What I do and don't do:
:bulletgreen: DO :bulletgreen:
:star: Original Character Renderings
REQUEST: Vanessa Fixing Her Hair by SunsetSovereign REQUEST: Zachary OC by SunsetSovereign REQUEST: Olivia and Chemchar by SunsetSovereign

:star: Pinup/ Sexy style
REQUEST: Misty Goldeen Outfit by SunsetSovereign Pinup Nami by SunsetSovereign Pinup Robin by SunsetSovereign

:star: Couple pics
REQUEST: In Your Arms by SunsetSovereign REQUEST: Hope and Corbett OC by SunsetSovereign REQUEST: Afternoon Snooze by SunsetSovereign

:star: Fanart
A Deadly Beauty by SunsetSovereign Edward Is Edward by SunsetSovereign Creation of Twilight by SunsetSovereign Our Son by SunsetSovereign

:star: Photo Renderings/ Personal Likenesses
REQUEST: Couples On The Beach by SunsetSovereign REQUEST: Panty Shot by SunsetSovereign REQUEST: Myles and Candace by SunsetSovereign

:star: Anthro
REQUEST: Flirty Fliers by SunsetSovereign REQUEST: Twi vs Twi by SunsetSovereign REQUEST: Frolicking by SunsetSovereign REQUEST: Rainbow Dash and Red Scout by SunsetSovereign

:star: Transformations
REQUEST: Panther Transform by SunsetSovereign REQUEST: Carmelita Transformation by SunsetSovereign

:bulletred: DON'T DO :bulletred:
:star: Yaoi/Yuri
:star: Scary/Gore
:star: Inflation
:star: Spiders

:pointr: If there is something not on the list or you would like clarification you can always send me a note and ask. As far as fanart goes, I know a lot of fandoms, but if there is something I don't know, as long as I have reference images I'll be fine. Here's a link to my gallery to check out other things I do.…

3. Types of commissions and Pricing:
:bulletpurple: Single character  $3 (240pts)
REQUEST: Harley Quinn Spa Day by SunsetSovereign REQUEST: Nessie OC by SunsetSovereign COMMISSION: Krystal Merfox by SunsetSovereign REQUEST: Hunter Arkaman OC by SunsetSovereign

:bulletpurple: 2 characters/ couple pic $4 (320pts)
REQUEST: Oh Brother! by SunsetSovereign REQUEST: LuNa married by SunsetSovereign REQUEST: Hyun Ae and Emmet by SunsetSovereign

:bulletpurple: 3 characters $5 (400pts)
REQUEST: But He's So Cute by SunsetSovereign Sanji's Fantasy by SunsetSovereign

:bulletpurple: 4+ characters $7 (560pts)
REQUEST: Fruity Bunny Rangers by SunsetSovereign REQUEST: Family Time by SunsetSovereign

Mature Content

REQUEST: One Piece Strip Poker by SunsetSovereign
Ladies of One Piece: v2 by SunsetSovereign We GO- To The New World by SunsetSovereign

:bulletpurple: Comic $10 (800pts)
REQUEST: Cheeky Little Thief by SunsetSovereign

4. Ordering Process:
:bulletblue: Send me a DA note to let me know you are interested.  Please include what type of picture you would like. (refer to types section)
(EX) Hey there SunsetSovereign! Im interested in a 2 character commission of my OCs being all lovey dovey.

:bulletblue: I will respond whether I have an open spot or not and ask for you to explain what you would like if I accept.

:bulletblue: Tell me what you want. Please be as specific as possible, Im not a mind reader. I require reference pictures. If I need clarification on anything I'll ask. I want to make your picture as perfect and accurate as possible for you.
(EX) For my picture I would like My OCs to be kissing and holding hands. OC1 is wearing a yellow dress and OC2 has a tuxedo on. I would like them to be standing in a ballroom.

:star: Some helpful things to include while describing your request:

:pointr:character(s) name/ links to reference images/what characters are doing/ background (if any)/ if anything differs from the reference images (instead of my OC's hair in a pony tail I would like it to be down)

:bulletblue: Once I accept your order I require full payment. (I mean come on…it's $10 or under)

5. Payment:
:bulletblue: I require full payment after order confirmation. I'll give you an invoice of what you owe.

:bulletblue: US Dollars only please through Paypal

:bulletblue: I will not start your picture until I receive the payment in my Paypal account.

:bulletblue: Once payment is made, I will send you a note letting you know I received it and I'm starting your pic

:bulletblue: If you would like, I will provide updates. You can tell me in a reply to the message about your received payment.

:bulletblue: There are no refunds of any kind.

So that's my story and I'm sticking to it. Again, If there are any questions about anything here I'll be happy to answer them. With all that being said, here are the three slots and their availability. First come, first serve.



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Now that I have tended to all the names that were on my waiting list. I will be taking a short break to work on some art of my own and school stuff. When that's all done, I will be doing something new, COMMISSIONS!

So when I open back up I will be doing strictly commissions. I'll be posting another journal at that time with all the info (like pricing, procedure, and what I do.)
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So I have a bit of extra time that I can start requests again. Here's how it's going down...I have a waiting list from a while ago. Im working on making that disappear then I'll open up requests again.
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Hey all...IM NOT DEAD! haha just super busy. June has turned out to be more full of activity than I had thought. The beginning of July is pretty packed as well. I cant really say when I'll have time to do requests and catch up on the wait list. =/

But I'll do my best to work whenever I can!
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So Im placing a hold on requests. Theres a bit of a waiting list going so Im going to tackle that next.

Here are the requests I have to finish

:star: :iconspioonerxyz:

:star: HOLD

:star: HOLD

:star: HOLD

:star: HOLD
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:star: So requests will be going a little slowly. I apologize for everyone eagerly awaiting for their requests and those of you who are eagerly waiting for open spots. I have a couple of art commissions not on the interwebs that are time sensitive. I'm trying to work on requests in the little free time I now have so dont worry, I havent forgotten about them!


:iconsparklesplz: Only 5 slots open at a time.

:iconsparklesplz: I'll try to work quickly and upload in a timely fashion.

:iconrupeesplz: Donations are greatly appreciated if you're pleased with my work.

Here are my 5 request slot. Ill update as I finish/recieve new requests.

:star: :iconthemystery02:

:star: :iconshadowblazer117: 's sister

:star: :iconspioonerxyz:

:star: :icontrueragexrt:

:star: :iconmylesterlucky7:
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:star: Only 5 slots open at a time.
:star: Donations welcomed if you're pleased with my work.
:star: I'll try to work quickly and upload in a timely fashion.

:star: :star: :star: SOMETHING IMPROTANT :star: :star: :star:
Just something I would like to say. I love doing requests and making people happy with my art. But as a requestor, you need to know that you are doing exactly that, requesting...which means asking. Please do not demand something from me or just assume I will do it. I am by no means saying everyone behaves this way. Almost every request I have done, my requestors have been very nice. However, I get very frustrated when someone says "Hey do this for me thanks!" Please remember that common courtesy goes a long way.

I apologize if I come across as irritated, but it is something I feel strongly about and felt like it needed stated.

So, with that outta the way.....let the requesting commence. Here are my request slots:

:star: :iconmylesterlucky7:
:star: :iconpixeldollx:
:star: :iconshadowblazer117:
:star: OPEN
:star: OPEN
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